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04 October 2019

The Nurturing Power of Love

Is there a better way to capture the power of selfless love than through benevolent giving and working for the unknown others? This is just what is being done in the village of Nógrád, known not only for its famous historic castle but also for being the birthplace of the Nurturing Love Movement, which started here eleven years ago. Retired women and men with hearts of gold made preserves, jams, syrups and countless other delicacies for large families in Hungary. Ever since then, they have been offering the flavours of healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables, a plentiful selection of the tastes of home to many families with multiple children. “Between early summer and late autumn, we have found the joyous feeling that makes others’ lives also happier”, said Mrs. Kálmán Nyilas, founder of the movement, summarising their activity. At the delivery ceremony, as the principal patron of the movement, I thanked them for their tireless efforts and pointed out that it is never just food they give but much more: it is their nurturing love they are sharing with many Hungarian families. I trust that the helpers who will run the programme next year will continue this beautiful tradition with the same enthusiasm.