Memorable programs, memorable people

24 November 2018

The Leőwey Dance Ensemble is 45 Years Old

My former high school in Pécs, the Leőwey Klára Secondary School has an excellent folk dance ensemble. The group, of which I used to be a member, celebrating its 45th anniversary, is much more than a simple school folk tradition activity. It is a highly regarded workshop of German folk dances in Hungary, with its dancers forming a community committed to preserving and reviving the national minority culture of its ancestors. In addition to being professional dancers, they are a happy company, with good vibes, as well. It was a pleasure to watch their anniversary performance and to meet Heil Helmut, the leader of the group again. They radiated strength derived from the rich folk-dance legacy of their forbearers and from the values inherent to popular culture, reinforcing their sense of belonging to a community as well as their self-identity. A day earlier I had the same feeling visiting Hungarians in Croatia as now here, in Pécs, among the keepers of folk traditions and friends from the German minority.