Memorable programs, memorable people

21 October 2019 - 24 October 2019

The Integrity of Traditions

I believe it is an unspeakable miracle that the society using the world’s most advanced technology respects and nurtures its traditions so profoundly. In Tokyo, the calming sight of the snow-covered peak of Mount Fujiyama towering above the city against the view of the inconceivably high sky-scrapers and modern urban railways is in stark contrast. This was even more striking at the inauguration ceremony of Japanese Emperor Naruhito, when the successor of the longest-reigning dynasty in the world ascended to the throne in the country boasting one of the most digitized economies worldwide. The emperor entered the Chrysanthemum throne shrouded in ceremonial silence, followed by special rites and excluding the lights of the media. I became a part of a unique historic event. Upon our return from Tokyo, I believe even more firmly in the power of centuries-old traditions and in that these traditions can successfully pass down from one generation to the next humankind’s most important values.