Memorable programs, memorable people

04 November 2018

The Flames of Remembrance

While the uplifting music of Brahms’s German Requiem filled the Basilica, I thanked God that today we live in a free country. The occupying soldiers vanished without a trace, there are no tracked armoured vehicles on our roads. The fate of our country is no longer decided upon in faraway empires but in the capital of the nation, just as in 1956. Those who fell in the street fights of the revolution, innocent victims of the fusillades could only dream that one day freedom will dawn on Hungary, as well. What they desired so much and what today we take for granted, could not become true at the time. Our crushed freedom fight took their lives. It is them we remembered through the concert and by lighting a candle in the Basilica on the day of mourning. Brahms started his outstanding work in 1856 with this Biblical quote: “Blessed they that mourn for they shall be comforted.”
Hungary is free today and we owe this freedom to the ’56 heroes. We owe them respect and gratitude.