Memorable programs, memorable people

01 October 2019

Surrounded by Virtuosi on the International Music Day

Not only are there many outstanding talents born in Hungary but there is also a traditionally strong community of highly qualified music teachers. They are the ones who train the young virtuosi of the world of music, generation after generation, said musicologist András Batta, at the concert held in the Mirror Hall of the Sándor Palace. On the International Music Day, the young talents of the Virtuosi performed, indulging us with mesmerising moments. The series of contests focusing on classical music has been broadcast in Hungarian public media for five years now. It is through and within these young talents that one of Zoltán Kodály’s important hopes and wishes comes true: “Music is not the pastime of the lonely, it is a spiritual resource, which every cultured nation strives to bring into the public domain, allowing all Hungarian children to have their share of it!”
The Hungarian virtuosi of the future grow up in front of our very eyes while benefitting from everything that nurtures their talent. There are many of them and they are very smart. We, the listeners do not even realise how fortunate we are!