Memorable programs, memorable people

19 November 2018

Smile and Man

David Cornstein and his wife, Sheila Cornstein invited János and myself to the residence of the US Ambassador. We were offered a cordial welcome and as a result, we quickly made friends with the couple unknown to us previously. I was pleased to learn that the new ambassador of the United States to Budapest is not only an extraordinarily well-informed, successful businessman but also a sociable and kind person. His affection for his grandchild made him even more likeable for me. The shared topics, our opinions, sometimes coinciding, other times complementing each other, made the encounter exciting and cosy at the same time. Although so far we have been living on different continents, we found it easy to relate to each other since we shared similar experiences from various areas of our lives. Our hosts proved to be special people true to genuine values. Upon our departure, we arrived at the same conclusion: it would be nice to meet more often.