Memorable programs, memorable people

09 April 2019

Sharing a Table with Outstanding Hungarians

When we hosted János Martonyi and his wife, Rozália Rábai and Szilveszter E. Vizi and his spouse, Veronika Ádám at the dinner organised in their honour in the Sándor Palace, Szilveszter E. Vizi, the renowned physician said to journalists that he felt honoured to be received in the presidential palace. His thought puzzled me: in reality, it is our privilege to share a table with the acknowledged luminaries of our nation and to have a good discussion with these outstanding people of huge knowledge or outstanding performance, listening to their wisdom and sharing in their experiences. As a researcher, Szilveszter E. Vizi has made some wonderful discoveries and revealed a new principle of the functioning of the human brain and even a minor planet in space was named after him. János Martonyi is an experienced diplomat and a university lecturer of international law. During his tenure as minister of foreign affairs, Hungary’s accession to NATO made history. As the greatest Hungarian also noted: “The number of scientific heads is what really constitutes the true power of a nation.” The role of these dinners, according to János’s intention is to direct attention, this way as well, to people of outstanding achievements, people who bring glory and acknowledgement for our country, contributing to Hungary’s reputation.