Memorable programs, memorable people

16 January 2019

Rallying for Those Living with Autism

It is for the tenth time that the Franciscan charity event benefiting those living with autism has been organised. János Balázs pianist and his fellow musicians, paid homage to the memory of György Vukán, offering a wonderfully varied and mesmerizingly creative concert at the Academy of Music, ranging from classical music to modern genres. A wide-ranging collaboration evolved in support of the Autism Support Centre of the Franciscan Order in Gyöngyös. For the noble cause, the Academy of Music made available free of charge its principal hall, which was filled to the brim by the audience. Prestigious musicians and singers joined the initiative in a selfless act, without receiving a royalty. Rector Andrea Vígh played the harp, opera singer Ninh Đức Hoàng Long, winner of the Virtuosi contest, sang and János Balázs offered piano accompaniments as well, to the programme. Countless outstanding artists performed willingly, to participate in embracing the cause of those living with autism. What is it like being the mother of a child living with autism? In her book on the subject, Anna Mocsonoky recalls a story: ‘In the hospital I had a dream: I am trying to clamber out of a very deep cellar or underground garage, using a fire fighting ladder while carrying my son on my back. And then I realise that it is not going to work, we both crash, when I meet someone, whom I ask if there is maybe another way to get out.  He says, of course, there is a staircase. I thank him and we walk up the stairs.  This is one of the determining dreams I have. It made me understand that so far, I have been trying to climb the fire fighting ladder with my son and indeed, we would both have crashed, even though there is another exit.’ The charity concert of the Franciscans working for the benefit of people with autism carries precisely this message to everyone affected: we accept their being different and appreciate their day-to-day efforts and reach out towards them!