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15 October 2019 - 17 October 2019

Preventing the Water Crisis

A metropolis left without water in India, deluge in Pakistan and in Spain, super-typhoon in Japan, terrible hurricanes in America, floating islands of trash around the world.  Increasingly frequent and more and more devastating natural disasters are unmistakable signs of the growing water crisis. It is right in front of us that the single greatest challenge of the 21st century is taking shape: the drama of too little water, too much water and contaminated water. “The question thus is how to prevent the crisis wherever there is still a chance and how to adjust to the circumstances in areas where the water crisis is already present”, said my husband in his opening address delivered at the Budapest Water Summit, attended by representatives of countries from all over the world. The global conference organised in Budapest for the third time offered specific solutions to prevent the water crisis, proposing technological developments promising a breakthrough in water management, we could but dream about only a few years ago. These solutions include a number of Hungarian inventions, as well. Acknowledged specialists presented their own solutions, offering a successful means to combat the water crisis. Thus, knowledge and technology offer a chance.  I trust that all those involved, will make good use of these opportunities!