Memorable programs, memorable people

08 December 2018

On the Day of the Immaculate Conception

The Downtown Parish Church and the Hungarian Women’s Union have jointly organised an uplifting programme to pay tribute to the conception of the Virgin Mary. We were shown around the Church and crypt on the Danube Bank by the parish priest. It was astonishing to see that each and every century left its mark on the sacred building. We could see the remaining stones of the antique Roman fortress and Father Zoltán also showed us, among the exhibited and carefully guarded treasures, the remnants of a medieval fresco revealed a few years ago, showing the Virgin Mary with the child Jesus on her lap. After the holy mass, in her nearby gallery, we marvelled at the ceramics and new sculptures made by artist Judit Józsa for the exhibition entitled the Virgin Mary of the Hungarians. At the end of the event, we were given some magnificent pre-Christmas souvenirs, when Irén Lovász, folk singer sang archaic prayers in honour of the Queen of the World.