Memorable programs, memorable people

15 October 2018

“No Need to See, Just Feel!”

“You don’t need to see, just feel it!”, said my husband, quoting János Zerkula, the blind musician from Gyimes, at the anniversary ceremony of the National Federation of the Hungarian Blind and Vision Impaired. The words of the late well-known fiddler capture the very essence of it: we must feel and that is what matters. He could feel what the people dancing around him, those living in his community needed. He knew that he could give the most with his violin to people preserving their traditions. His example shows that we can overcome our limitations and can learn to live with our deficiencies. The real loss is when someone cannot feel, when someone’s faith in and appreciation for others and for themselves ebbs. The one-hundred-year old Federation, celebrating its birthday is shining proof of this. It embraces all those who cannot or can barely see. It helps them realise their feelings, self-confidence and ambitions and improve their living conditions. It has some fourteen thousand members in Hungary at the moment. In addition to their committed efforts, it is up to us, as well, to make sure that we accept one another and to appreciate the human being in one another. It is into this world that Tamás Érdi, the blind pianist charmed his audience, rendering a wonderful concert of Beethoven’s sonatas.