Memorable programs, memorable people

07 December 2018

Nativity Scene of Children’s Homes in the Sándor Palace

We have long been acquaintances with the staff and proteges of Csibész (Urchin) Foundation, helping orphans and neglected and socially deprived children. On the eves of the Csíksomlyó Pilgrimage or during their performances in Hungary, they have made us laugh and cry countless times, through their performances that are at times joyful, at times emotional but always abundantly rich in their folk song treasure. This year, the venue for their first performance in Hungary was the Mirror Hall of the Sándor Palace, where they performed their pre-Christmas programme. We invited the young people living in the two temporary shelters of the Maltese Charity Order to attend the performance, which they listened to with expert ears. The little girl sitting on my lap whispered proudly that she too has a recorder like that and that she attends a special music class. Performers and audiences understood each other. The Sándor Palace this time was a shelter offered jointly to the infant Jesus in the crib.