Memorable programs, memorable people

08 May 2016

“Music belongs to everyone”

It was Zoltán Kodály’s thought that pianist János Balázs chose as his motto for the concert announced to be held in the square in front of Saint Stephen Basilica. This evening music truly belonged to everyone. Tickets for the audience of 1500 people had a symbolic price but due to the outdoor venue, at least the same number of people in the square and in the neighbouring streets listened to the music of one of the most talented pianists of our times. János Balázs considers it his mission to bring closer to as many people as possible the wondrous world of classical music, without which humankind would be all the poorer. During the concert, he enlisted light painting to give people an even more intense experience through the combined effect of sight and sound. Through the play of lights and shadows, following the tunes of Ferenc Liszt, the columns of the Basilica started to dance in one moment and a magical garden was depicted on the facade in the next. As we were sitting under the starry sky, enjoying the wonderful programme, I was convinced that many people were just then falling eternally in love with classical music.