Memorable programs, memorable people

23 August 2017

“Let Us Be That Change…”

When I arrived at the Balatonfenyves camp of the Maltese Charity Service, handicrafts workshops were being held. Everyone was seated around tables, so it was impossible to tell at first glance, who the disabled and who the helping volunteers were. In that situation there was nothing to distinguish between people.
If we come to think of it, who sits in a wheelchair and who does not, should not play a key role in most areas of life. And still, sometimes there is a whole world separating disabled people from healthy ones. For many people living with disabilities this was the first time they could visit Lake Balaton, since countless venues of our everyday life are not accessible. I am convinced that the seven days spent in the camp of the Maltese Charity Service will be a lifelong experience not just for them but for their helpers, as well. Some of the volunteers I met there are returning participants but most of them met disabled people for the first time at the get-to-know programmes organised before camp. They gained not just unforgettable summer memories but a whole new way of thinking, as well. As Mahatma Gandhi put it: ”You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” All the people I met at the Balatonfenyves camp of the Maltese Charity Service embodied this thought: they make the world a slightly better place.