Memorable programs, memorable people

17 May 2016

Let the earth be light on them!

Until a few years ago the public had heard nothing at all of the ghost soldiers of Asinara, even though the tiny island near the island of Sardinia was where thousands of Hungarian prisoners of war of WW1 were kept and lost their lives. In what is a nearly idyllic, seaside scene, the thought that this heavenly landscape meant utter hell for many of our compatriots was even more poignant. What makes their lives filled with distress and ultimate death even more unbearable is the thought that no-one was aware of them. Human lives vanished without a trace. The monument János inaugurated in Asinara is an attempt at making this painful error right. The double cross pays tribute to the deceased and offers us, living, as an eternal reminder. Upon unveiling the monument János said: “When we remember the inconceivable number of victims of battles, death marches, lagers and epidemics, one thing we must never forget: that we – grandchildren and great grandchildren do all we can to make sure similar tragedies never happen.”