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11 April 2019

Let’s Become Blood Donors!

No matter how dedicated nurses and paramedics are and how hard the highly qualified physicians try, the healthcare system is helpless if there is not enough blood. It is too late when there is a problem, blood should be available. This is why the National Blood Supply Service organised Civic Blood Donation Days in 21 places nationwide, where I, as a regular blood donor, act as principal patron. I am very pleased that I managed to persuade a number of people in my immediate surroundings to donate blood, thus I arrived at the donor point with my colleagues. The entire donation process took up a minimal amount of time - in less than an hour we make an immense difference. It is amazing that a single blood donation can save as many as three lives. The website of the National Blood Supply Service always has up-to-date information on the current blood donation venues: http://www.ovsz.hu/ver/veradasok