Memorable programs, memorable people

08 May 2016

Just like when the sun appears from behind the clouds

Have you ever observed how the good mood of infants tends to be contagious? When they smile, the face of everyone around them lights up, just like when the sun appears from behind the clouds and fills us all with light and warmth all of a sudden. If they are happy, the entire world is smiling. This year was the first time the National Association of Large Families (Nagycsaládosok Országos Egyesülete) organised a Baby Welcome, where the youngest members of the Association, babies born during the previous year and their families were greeted. Watching them, a poem by Ákos Fodor came to my mind, in which he asks a question every parent asks himself: “if you’d give everything for him, what is it that you could give to him?” This smiling Sunday I had the impression that the answer is more simple that we would think: our presence, since to make a baby happy all that is needed is the proximity of his mother and father. The Association plans to organise a Baby Welcome every year from now on. At this first occasion, seventy of the 300 babies born last year were present. I would like to wish all of the children celebrated at this event, as well as their parents many happy years spent together,  hoping that at next year’s Baby Welcome, there will be even more newcomers to welcome.