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22 May 2019

Hungarian Law Students at the Top of the World Ranking

Who do you think can defeat the best students of Yale, Berkeley, Oxford or Cambridge? Yes, this singular feat belongs to the law students of ELTE University.
Last year’s victory of the ELTE students, when they came in first at the Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition in the categories of summary applicant and respondent pleadings, was a huge success. This year, they managed to exceed even last year’s unbelievable achievement. Vanessza Szép, Marcell Koncsik, Zolta Buda and Gábor Bazsó won the combined contest of the global competition regarded as the Olympics of students of law. At the dinner hosted in honour of the winning team, with their coaching teachers, Gábor Kajtár and Katalin Sulyok, we compared this success to the feat of Jónyer, Klampár and Gergely, when at the table tennis world championship they twice defeated the Chinese, whose talent comes second to none. The teachers told us that having won against the teams of other, major, world famous universities, in the finals the young ELTE students had to compete against the law students of the prestigious Columbia University. The small team of a small country aroused the sympathy of many followers of the competition, a great many people cheered for them.  The four Hungarian students returned this by proving to be better in both their knowledge of the law, as well as in rhetoric in a foreign language than their adversaries speaking in their native tongue. The jury of the competition made a unanimous decision in declaring the ELTE students the winners of the event. We can all be rightly proud of them for their extraordinary achievement.