Memorable programs, memorable people

26 May 2016


Hungarian history and mythology are interwoven with memories and tales with horses as their main characters. Not only did our ancestors use these strong, awe-inspiring animals but also regarded them as their companions. This has remained unchanged until this very day, when horses are still our comrades but not in battles and journeys but in offering therapy in the first place. The International Children’s Safety Service in Fót operates a centre for therapeutic horsemanship where approximately 100 children are offered treatment on a weekly basis. These children  visit the centre in Fót for various reasons: they are physically handicapped, struggle with learning disabilities or suffer from psychiatric illnesses. Helping-caring professions are for me the most noble vocations and the fact that horses are also involved in the therapy makes the work of the staff even more beautiful, even more special. The cure offered in Fót opens doors for the children, allowing them access to a more complete world.