Memorable programs, memorable people

04 May 2019

Greeting the Youngest Sibling

The Szekér Csárda (Carriage Inn) was quickly filled by joyous children’s laughter, when I attended the baby greeting organised by the National Association of Large Families (NOE). The source of happiness was the multitude of beautiful infants, born to families of NOE since last May. Some of them were already in their mother’s tummies a year ago now but there were also many, who were only in the dreams of their parents at that time. What the arrival of the youngest sibling really means could be understood by looking at the faces of the parents and siblings. These are the most precious moments in the lives of the families, times spent together, moments of sheltering love, of encounter of the little ones with the world, times of hope-filled happy spring. The baby greeting is an occasion when it need not be actually said how precious human life is, or that the responsible decision of having children is the source of the greatest happiness. It need not be said because looking around anyone can understand that much from the smiles and gazes. It was an uplifting feeling to be once again witness to all this.