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13 February 2019

Festive Dinner in Honour of Csaba Böjte

“My father was unjustly imprisoned and the torture he endured led to his death a few months after he was set free. As a child, I felt that I had to take revenge. The more familiar I became with the teachings of Jesus Christ, the more convinced I grew that I had to take revenge in a sense different from what I had initially thought. What, who killed my father? Human stupidity and sin did. (…) The fight against darkness cannot be fought by me also killing two or three people, the only way to fight is by making light. By igniting fire, light will eliminate darkness. What I do is my “revenge” against human stupidity: I love, teach and rear children, to make sure there is less and less darkness on Earth”, according to the quote from the book entitled: Whoever Shares His Heart – Brother Csaba’s life and work through his mother’s eyes. János and I received the book full of encouraging deeds from Csaba Böjte, when we celebrated his sixtieth birthday at the dinner organised in his honour in the Sándor Palace. Throughout the evening, we talked about the children with the Franciscan friar, who over the past decades convinced tens of thousands of people that love too can lead to revolution, since accepting and looking after children, the care and love given to them, is one of the most important sources of happiness for all of us. It is one of life’s most intriguing miracles that the most painful deficiencies and wounds often inspire us to do outstanding deeds. This is what happened to Brother Csaba as well, who grew up as a semi-orphan and decided to devote his life to looking after deprived and orphan children.