Memorable programs, memorable people

24 February 2019

Drop Canon, Dance on Water

It was with great anticipation that I awaited the performance of the Á a cARTe chamber choir and the Thai chichuan artists in MÜPA, promising a special experience. The one-of-a kind song of the choir, at times modern, at times archaic, together with the dance evoking the Chinese taichi chuan meditational martial arts, with falling rain combined with the visual images reflected on the stage, made an extraordinary impact. Water with the personal ties to it were omnipresent throughout the entire narrative. After the standing ovation the performance received, we discussed at length the creative dance performance with choreographer Gábor Goda. According to the intention of the director of the show, rather than telling a story, the performance transmits feelings and triggers thoughts. In the world of symbols everyone is free to draw her own conclusion based on her own interpretation, relying on the experience gleaned from the extraordinary show. I urge everyone looking for special experiences to see the performance.