Memorable programs, memorable people

24 April 2019

Difficulties that Connect

One year has passed and I once again had a chance to meet Dalma Újpál, at the Day of Playing and Experiences held in the Mátyásföld Culture Centre, aimed at promoting accepting those with disabilities. Dalma, the young wheelchair-bound helper of the Kézenfogva (Holding Hands) Foundation, is one of those who show the world that even the disabled can be happy and that the added effort made by those living with disabilities is rewarded by success. Dalma, who became ever more skilful while achieving outstanding results, demonstrated on stage to hundreds of kindergarten children the game boccia, the parasport, which affords increased excitement, concentration and the experience of success through the battle of the blue and red balls. This is a game that promotes skills development, while offering a wonderful experience to both disabled and healthy players, highlighting at the same time that holding our breaths for each other, playing together and helping each other comes natural.  Our difficulties connect us and prompt us to pay attention. Those living with disabilities all ask what Dalma is also telling us: you can help by not looking at me as if I were an oddity but smiling and paying a little attention because I can only move below eye level and by kindly moving aside when I happen to be trying to pass by. On this day, dedicated to shaping the mind-set of people, it was obvious that the boccia ball was not the only thing to hit the target. Paying attention to and accepting one another also touched the hearts of hundreds of children.