Memorable programs, memorable people

18 May 2019

Day of Courage and Roma Youth

“In barracks No. 22 lots of people died every day. There were mostly families with children there. Roma only.  They mostly died of illness or starvation (…)”, I read recently in the recollections of one of the survivors of the Roma holocaust.
The moving commemorative event staged by Oszkár Nyári, Roma actor was introduced by the poignant guitar solo of Ferenc Snétberger, played on the stage of the National Theatre. On the occasion of the Day of Courage and Roma Youth, talented actors, dancers, singers, among them members of the Ensemble ParnoGraszt endeavoured to speak the unspeakable and to mourn the immense losses suffered by the Roma community and thus by mankind. What we experienced on stage was a relatable, well-composed performance of high standard. The performance entitled 371 stars has matured to a tradition in the National Theatre. The title refers to the youngest victims of the Roma holocaust, those already born in the lager. They were the little hopes of a Roma community mortified and sentenced to death. It was for them and against the violation of their human dignity that the Roma dwellers of the barracks rebelled in May of 1944. It is their courage and action which we salute even today.