Memorable programs, memorable people

06 May 2016

Cross-border national cooperation

Looking at the outstanding scientists, artist and business people I was pondering what a difficult decision it must have been for them or their parents when in 1956, together with tens of thousands of others they left their birthplace. The fact that their painful decision was a rejection not of their home country but of the regime is highlighted by their efforts to represent Hungary’s interest the world over. This year was for the third time that we invited the members of the Friends of Hungary Foundation to the Sándor Palace. They are the ones, as János put it, who fulfil a voluntary mission. They help promote Hungary and the Hungarians, our past, as well as our achievement in arts and sciences in their chosen home countries using their own personal existence and renown. In their founding statement, the Friends of Hungary wrote that they believe in the value creating power of national collaboration that reaches beyond borders. I in turn, believe them. Last year there were so many friends of Hungary that the halls of the Sándor Palace proved to be too small and we overflowed onto the terrace. This year, even more people came, representing the younger generations, as well, and if this trend continues, next year we might use the entire Szent György Square to host Hungary’s friends living outside of Hungary.