Memorable programs, memorable people

23 May 2016

Common denominator

True role models are always unifying personalities because the fundamental human values they represent are easy to identify with for people living even thousands of kilometres – or miles, if you like – apart. They are like the common denominator in mathematics: the identity found among the differences. St. Thomas Becket is such a role model: he stands for honesty, loyalty, dignity, lawfulness, freedom and respect for traditions. These are moral principles both Brits and Hungarians identify with. In his greeting address János said: these are the values on which Europe, our shared home is based. The relics of St. Thomas Becket kept in Esztergom were presented in London through a grandiose series of events. The first holy mass of the programme was celebrated by Cardinal Péter Erdő in the Westminster Abbey in front of Anglican and Catholic worshippers and the relics of a saint of English origins brought from Hungary. The spirit of St. Thomas Becket unified us there, regardless of religious denomination and national borders.