Memorable programs, memorable people

19 December 2018

Christmas in the Oncological Institute

Working, or lying in hospital when everyone else is with their loved ones is a heavy burden for anyone. The National Oncological Institute has traditionally been organising festive programmes featuring well-known artists and choirs to cheer up their patients and help them forget their condition, as well as to bring smiles to the face of healthcare workers. Even if it is for an hour only, the performers manage to bring a festive mood to the halls of the clinic. Joining this initiative, I have now for the fourth time attended Christmas in the hospital, as an expression of my compassion and to thank the medical, as well as the nursing staff for selflessly looking after the patients during these days as well, and to pay an albeit brief visit to those lying in hospital at this time of year. The anticipation of Christmas has presented lots and lots of emotional and uplifting moments this year again. Shared crafts sessions preparing wreaths, charity fairs, nativity scenes and arranging donations, as well as supporting those in need, followed by a greeting in hospital and sacred silence. They all enriched my Christmas.