Memorable programs, memorable people

02 December 2018

Charity Embracing the World

Probably the most special event of the year for me is the traditional Diplomatic Fair, organised every year by the organisation of the spouses of diplomats. Imagine a huge, festively lit hall, where the gingerbread houses of the various nations of the world resemble the illuminated houses of a village, next to one another in peace, in support of ill, disabled or underprivileged Hungarian children. It has a symbolic meaning as well, that the fair hosted with increasing success year upon year, is always held in the Hotel Intercontinental, since almost the entire world is present here. On offer are countless delicacies, exotic objects, cosmetic products, as well as typical national symbols. All these are offered in a special fair atmosphere, where the scent of exotic flowers and spices mingles and Korean melodies and the tunes of African speaking drums alternate with the music of Scottish bagpipes. Thousands of colours all serving one shared purpose, namely the service of good, to support Hungarian children. It is much appreciated.