Memorable programs, memorable people

27 February 2019

Birthday Dinner

While preparing for the evening encounter, countless memories came to mind: a peasant boy from a remote farm who cannot get enough of the words of his professor of law in the film “Disciples” (Tanítványok). A land builder, dreaming of a bridge connecting the East and the West in the Monarchy of the age. A profound believer reciting the poems of poets looking for divine presence in the National Theatre, because both acting and living are impossible without faith. And I also remember another young man, who one evening, dressed as a bear taught life to Maugli and played the selfish despot imaginary patient in Moliére’s comedy on another.
Károly Eperjes and Gábor Reviczky. We invited these two preeminent characters of Hungarian acting to the dinner where we celebrated their birthdays in the Sándor Palace. Respect and directness were present at the table at the same time: the birthday greeting soon turned into animated, meaningful discussions and a truly memorable evening.