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01 December 2018

Awaiting the Feast of Love

By the time we reach the last month of the year, everyone is keenly awaiting Christmas. We would like to leave all the troubles of the year behind and slow down time, to focus on nothing but the warmth and tranquillity of our home. We prepare for the time our family spends together in love, as well as for the advent of the festive season, brought to the world once by a few shepherds from Betlehem.
The advent wreath is a very important symbol of the Christmas season for me as well. The number of candles lit symbolises the growing light, signalling the approaching birth of the Redeemer. It is for this reason that I decided to help the charity fair of the Association of Young Families by making advent wreaths. My wreaths were not the only ones received with much interest. I was pleased to notice that a lot of people wanted hand crafted wreaths and ornaments. Together with children and their parents, we prepared the wreaths symbolising the approaching festive season using pine branches and candle and baskets full of berries and fruits.  
The event has by now become a much-awaited family activity. The entire proceeds from this year’s fair went to the Jel (Sign) Foundation and to the establishment of a special playground based on sign language.