Memorable programs, memorable people

23 September 2019 - 27 November 2019

Attending the New York World Congress Against Climate Change

I was captured by an incomparable feeling amongst the huge skyscrapers of New York, on the shores of the Atlantic, when János and I went on an extended bike ride along the streets of Manhattan, following the Climate Summit. Sitting in the saddle, we could experience on our very skin that we are part of a huge and awe-inspiring world. Over the past few days, world leaders discussed human civilisation jeopardising itself and the fate of the blue planet on the verge of a climate crisis. Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General expected concrete action. Representing Hungary, my husband proudly listed the “climate achievements” of our country to date and voiced our commitment to the implementation of an ambitious climate strategy. If the plans are implemented, then 10 years from now, Hungary will be one of the few countries that can claim to have increased 10-fold the number of solar power plants and that no coal is used for power generation, as well as that all the buses used in our cities are electric and that the area of forests has increased by 30 per cent. I trust that these objectives, together with many others will come true!