Memorable programs, memorable people

15 February 2019

At the Gala Opening of the National Dance Theatre

“Mankind has always had joys and sorrows, things to relate that could only be expressed through the language of dance (…) We dance, since that is our life”, said Péter Ertl, theatre director at the gala opening of the much-awaited new cultural institution. In his speech, János confirmed: “The very establishment of the National Dance Theatre sends the message: the Hungarian dance art keeps creating values that amply merit an institution of its own.” After long years, the moment has now come when the dancing profession could at last move from rented space into its own home.  Under the leadership of Gábor Zoboki, architects created a unique, modern theatre from what used to be the assembly hall of the Ganz Works. On entering, one finds herself in spacious, luminous halls, with a grand, floating ceiling. The creative designers alluded with it to the movement of a dancer’s skirt. The effect is truly special, further augmented by the generous use of wood panelling, suggesting the proximity of nature. This venue actually begs to be filled with liveliness. With the gala opening the moment has come and the new Dance Theatre has indeed turned into a space for magic. At the opening event, the most outstanding representatives of Hungarian dancing put on a magnificent show, ranging from classical ballet through folk dances and acrobatic movements to contemporary dances. I think we will often return to this place.