Memorable programs, memorable people

07 December 2018

Appreciation of the Audience

However busy the pre-Christmas period may be, the gala evening of the Prima Primissima awards ceremony held during the last month of each year, is always an important event for me. János considers this event just as important, since the recognition of outstanding performance, as perfectly reflected by this event, is a central issue of his credo. The nominees with immense knowledge and talent, impressive life works and outstanding successes all demonstrate what Hungarians can be capable of. Attending the awards ceremony, János and I always like to guess who the winner will be. Among the winners of the various categories we always pay special attention to the selection of the winner of the audience award. This year, the prize went to educator Nóra L. Ritók. I was particularly heartened by the recognition of the teacher and civic activist from the countryside, working to integrate and provide equal opportunities to children living in extreme poverty. Her recognition confirmed my belief that the majority of Hungarians have their heart in the right place and that the voters know exactly that the education of the youth is a crucial matter, a matter of national importance.