Memorable programs, memorable people

03 May 2019

Ambassadors of Hungary’s Good Repute

Scientists, artists, bureaucrats and businessmen, outstanding people from all walks of life gathered in the Knights’ Hall of the Sándor Palace. Some of them speak Hungarian, others don’t. I met some, whose origins are Hungarian, as well as some, who lived in Hungary but for a brief period and of course those who live here.  One thing, though, is common among them: they all call themselves friends of Hungary, and do so vocally. Whenever necessary, they stand up for the Hungarians and spread the good reputation of our country. There must be something appealing in what they do, since year upon year, they arrive in the Sándor Palace with an increasing group of followers. In his greeting words, my husband referred to the memory of the world famous photographer of Hungarian origin: “Robert Capa regarded belonging to Hungary as a special value. Reversing the frequently quoted slogan, he once said: It is not enough to be talented, you also need to be Hungarian.” We were surrounded in the Sándor Palace by countless people no less outstanding than Capa, people who take pride in holding Hungary in high esteem.