Memorable programs, memorable people

07 January 2019

Ambassadors and the Future of Human Civilisation

At the New Year’s reception organised for the ambassadors residing in Hungary, coming from the most diverse countries around the globe, we enjoyed the dance performed by the Szeged Contemporary Ballet Company to Carl Orff’s composition, Carmina Burana. The impressive show is commended by the choreographer Tamás Juronics, saying: ‘We are offered a glimpse into the ritual-filled life of a human-like barbarian community fighting for survival, subsisting on the remnants of civilisation, whose members fighting their fears and led by their instinct try and survive what fate has imposed upon them.’ In his welcoming address, János drew a similar image referring to the climate crisis threatening human civilisation.  He stressed that ‘the road we have been following for the past 200 years (…) has resulted in more environmental and social deficit than the value it has created (….) The most important task today is to change our way of thinking’, since decision makers tend to procrastinate taking the necessary steps in spite of the ever more frequent and intense natural disasters, the water crisis and the accelerating climate change. Wouldn’t it be good if 2019 at last brought significant improvements in protecting our world, the natural environment and thus the fight for saving human civilisation!