Memorable programs, memorable people

05 April 2019

A Region Enriched in Its Poverty

I have already made several journeys to the wondrous parts of Transcarpathia. I cherish my memories of the encounters with Hungarians living in Rát, Nagydobrony, Mukacevo and Berehove. Our visits of orphanages, churches and other community venues have enriched us with countless unforgettable experiences. Thus I wanted to be present when Transcarpathia came to Budapest. At the 4th Evening “We Love You, Transcarpathia” held in the Danube Palace, the full house of audience was led by one and the same purpose: to shorten the distance between us and the Hungarians in Transcarpathia and to express our belonging together through the support offered. The proceeds from the evening were donated to the Hungarian House in Kobyletska Poliana and Rakhiv. We were joined at the event by Aunt Szidónia Mácsek, coming from the remote, yet familiar region. As the leader of the Caritas of Kobyletska Poliana, she has been working tirelessly for decades for the local Hungarian community.  “The Hungarian community is still alive at the Upper Tisza region, owing to the dedicated Hungarian teachers, who never gave up teaching and reteaching Hungarian, as well as to the parents of the children, who, through their choice of schools have made a stand for their belonging to the nation and owing to all those, who have managed to gather all the resources needed for survival in the remote corners of Transcarpathia”, as I said in my welcome address. It was good to see how many people join forces when it comes to promoting the cause of cohesion, and that the issue of the Hungarian community in Transcarpathia coping with the most difficult of circumstances is still a clarion call.  It may also be, because those coming to such a charitable event to donate, may be enriched themselves. The struggle of Hungarians living abroad for survival helps us as well, to realise time after time again the genuine values of our life: family, love for each other and faith in God.