Memorable programs, memorable people

14 October 2018

A Journey into Sacred Music

The Saint Ephraim Male Choir has for a long time been one of my favourites. Voicing the most special melodies of mankind, they are capable of creating an exotic mood at any given moment through their sacred songs resulting in a chilling effect. It was no different at the charity concert they held in the Fasor Lutheran Church. Among the wondrous songs sung by male singers, there was the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic language and a Syrian tune, a Gaelic folk song, as well as a Zulu gospel. The mesmerizing performance also included an impressive six-part psalm canon, as well as a sacred song from Mount Athos. The event organised for the World Day of Hospice helped the work of the Hungarian Hospice Foundation, serving to alleviate the suffering of patients with incurable illnesses. I especially congratulated Dr. Katalin Muszbek, medical director of the foundation and principal organiser of the event, for the outstanding initiative and the evening rich in uplifting moments. It is fortunate that compassion can be expressed in so many ways.