Memorable programs, memorable people

12 February 2019

A Date, Which Lasts a Lifetime

“When we felt that there were serious problems with our communication, our spiritual leader suggested that we should designate one evening every week, when we talk to no-one other than each other. Hence our slogan: One evening per week”, said László and Kriszta Gorove, who believe that a well-functioning marriage is like a date that lasts a lifetime. The key to success is genuine communication. László and Kriszta Gorove, a couple preparing hundreds of engaged couples, are the faces of the week of marriage, organised this year for the 12th time. It was with them, together with two more, well-known couples: László Fábián, Olympic champion pentathlon athlete and Monika, his wife and Borbála Sapszon, choir leader and her husband, Márton Varga, that Bence Mohay chatted at the event entitled About marriage, sincerely (Őszintén a házasságról), held in the lobby of ELTE Law School. Their accounts, laced with a sense of humour and their profoundly sincere thoughts gave the audience a clear understanding that countless difficulties and crises of married life, although a natural part of any relationship, can be overcome and the ‘Yes’ uttered at the wedding can become the source of happiness for a lifetime. As Ferenc Süle psychologist said: out of love a new quality is conceived. It was this year for the seventh time that I agreed to be the principal patron of the week of marriage but I am still as pleased as I was the very first time that the numerous events organised during the week direct people’s attention to the patterns of well-functioning marriages. I felt this was of particular importance in today’s accelerated, individualist world, since observing good examples of loving relationships can help others glean problem solving techniques and derive strength for their own decisions from the secrets of happy marriages.