Memorable programs, memorable people

23 November 2018

15 Million Grains of Wheat – One Nation

The contours of the Carpathian Basin are reminiscent of the shape of a loaf of bread. Our everyday nourishment is made of a multitude of grains the same way as millions of Hungarians constitute the nation. Within the programme entitled The Bread of the Hungarians, this year I attended the ceremony where Hungarian students in Croatia received a present. Children awaited us with a heart-warming programme at the Hungarian Educational and Cultural Centre in Osijek. The donations prepared for their families were truly appreciated, since they meant much more than simple food packages: they embodied the work of Hungarian farmers from the various regions of the Carpathian Basin, as well as the flour ground in shared mills and the message of belonging together. These donations represent unity, rising above all borders and differences. Isn’t it wonderful that this noble initiative found its way to the scattered communities living along the banks of the river Drau, in Croatia!